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Artikel nummerHPBA155AA
Producent Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Part nummer BA155AA
Omschrijving Data Protector open file Ent Svr 1LTU
Taal NS
Garantie HP3C (mnd)
Prijs Artikel niet meer beschikbaar
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HPE HP OpenView Storage Data Protector

Product specificaties ***
Omschrijving HP OpenView Data Protector Open File Backup Enterprise Server LTU
HP Data Protector Software automates high performance backup and recovery, from disk or tape, over unlimited distances, to enable 24x7 business continuity and improve IT resource utilization. Data Protector Software responds to the pressure for lower IT costs and greater operational efficiency by offering acquisition and deployment costs which are 30 – 70 % less than competition. The license model is very simple and easy to understand, helping to reduce complexity. Extensive scalability and features for continuous backup and recovery operations enable growth with a single product. A superb solution, no other software can integrate better with the HP market-leading line of StorageWorks disk and tape family of products, as well as with other heterogeneous storage infrastructures.

Robust backup solution

• Data Protector Software is designed for the most demanding 24x7 environments and offers automated high performance backup and recovery from disk or tape.

Lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) in enterprise backup

• Data Protector Software delivers backup/recovery innovation, performance, and functionality at a much lower cost, up to 30–70% lower than competitive solutions. A simple and flexible license model includes the first year of support.

No Software can integrate better with your HP environment

• Data Protector Software is an integral component of the fast-growing HP StorageWorks Software portfolio, which also includes storage resource management, archiving, replication, and device management Software. HP offers the unique advantage of sourcing hardware, Software, and service from a single, trusted vendor.

Easy to deploy and use

• Data Protector Software is both easy to deploy and use. Installation is simple and has a fully-automated Software distribution of agent Software to all connected clients, including a centralized licensing facility that reduces complexity. Competitive solutions fail to deliver this level of automation.
Warranty Service- en supportopties: HP Backup and Recovery Solutions Service for Data Protector Software (Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3)
Garantie: HP warrants only that the software media will be free of physical defects for a period of ninety (90) days from delivery
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